I have just had the most amazing weekend! The idea of taking part in Thunder Run was inspired by Steve Wright, who did it last year. One lovely September morning, Zoe, Steve, myself and Rachel decided over a cup of tea in Hyde Park that it would be a wonderful ideašŸ˜‰ we roped in Louise, Carla, Sue and Giselle and we entered the race. As with all things, people’s plans change, and the original line-up went through various permutations. However, this weekend Chris, Rachel, Louise, Carla, Lorraine, Jon and myself completed 22 laps of a 10k trail run in 24 hours and 50 minutes. This is definitely the one running achievement I am most proud of, and I am so impressed that between us we ran 220km in 24 hours. Rachel, Louise, Chris, Jon and Lorraine did 2 loops in one go – that is 20km in one go! In addition Louise, Rachel and IĀ  also did the Conkers Parkrun beforehand, bringing my total run this weekend to 35km!

Another fantastic experience was watching the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics, on the big screen, with my friends andĀ  hundreds of other TR24 runners and their families! So much more special than if we had just watched at home:)

Would I do it again?? Absolutely!! But here are some do’s and don’ts


  • Order a 2 man tent on ebay, not check it, invite a friend to share. When I put up the tent it was barely large enough for my dog, never mind Carla and I!
  • Camp near a bunch of runners with a flag saying ‘No guts No glory’ each time one of their runners came back they discussed the lap just run in great detail at the top of their voices – no matter what time of the day or night it was, very very irritating when you are trying to get some sleep for a 4am lap
  • Trip over a tree root and fall on your face and shoulder – see below


  • check that the caravan club are not having a gathering nearby – we had very bad karaoke renditions of ‘I will survive’ and ‘Simply the Best’ blaring across the field until midnight both Friday and Saturday night
  • buy a camping mattress for your tent, stones sticking into your back is not brilliant – thanks Rachel for lending me an extra sleeping bag to use as a mattress
  • DO most definitely do TR24


11 thoughts on “TR24

  1. Hi Alma, Wow, thats pretty hectic doing a 24 hour relay event. Takes big guts to do that. But sounds like a load of fun. Its great to run with good friends as it makes the long hours seem that much quicker. As my good friend Stephen Muzhingi would say, “Tough but fun INDEED.”

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